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Opening of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Exhibition at the Château du val Fleury in gif-sur-Yvette 25/01_2024. 06/02/2024

 The opening on January 25 welcomed 70 visitors, including fans of the artist and members of the Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff association and the painter’s family.

Laura Baudart, deputy mayor of Gif-sur-Yvette in charge of Cultural Affairs, inaugurated the exhibition, recalling in her speech “the exceptional character of this sublime exhibition whose works are vibrant with color”. “What especially caught our attention,” she said, “is that Tarkhoff settled a few kilometers from Gif, in Orsay, and immortalized the landscapes of our beautiful Chevreuse Valley.”

Claudine Rousseau, president of the association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff, thanked the town hall of Gif-sur-Yvette and Val Fleury for organizing this exhibition. She particularly thanked her brother Serge, “the only and first to be interested in this grandfather who was known but who was unknown to us, my mother having moved away from her family”. “Serge initiated this great adventure through his curiosity, his energy, his passion, his perseverance in the service of the art of Nicolas Tarkhoff.” She also thanked Guy Abot without whom “nothing could have been done without his energy, his enthusiasm and his skills”, and Marine Ieva-Abot, researcher of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee, “for her very effective collaboration, her energy at the service of the association and for her historical research, which took her to Russia, on this great artist about whom we, her own family, knew so little.

Guy Abot, scientific curator of the exhibition, recalled that “this exhibition followed various international exhibitions initiated since 1983 by the Musée du Petit Palais in Geneva, notably in 2003 in the famous State Tretyakov Gallery, the largest museum in Moscow. This shows the importance of Nicolas Tarkhoff. » He recalled that Nicolas Tarkhoff placed his art within the movement of the post-impressionist Avant-garde. He trained in 1897 in the workshop of Constantin Korovin, the leader of impressionism in Russia. Encouraged by him to exhibit in Moscow, he was noticed by the art critic Sergei Glagol “for his new way of painting”. “While he could have had a brilliant career in Russia, he preferred to settle in Paris, which for several decades had become the international center of artistic creation. » Guy Abot continued his brief presentation with a stylistic analysis of the first works, produced and exhibited in 1901 at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris, including “Mi-Carême”, a work that he describes as expressionist through the abstraction of forms and bright colors that come alive on the canvas in vibrant touches. “Tarkhoff asserted that colors should construct shapes. He and these Avant-garde artists, breaking with the academies, considered nature, no longer as an object of art, but as a place where their own subjective impulse was exercised, that is to say they painted not what they saw, but what they felt. »

The exhibition (free entry) continues until April 7 from Tuesday to Saturday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Nicolas TARKHOFF exhibition: Château du val Fleury, Gif-sur-Yvette : January 25 to April 7, 2024 08/12/2023

Following several international exhibitions,
the Château du Val Fleury in Gif-sur-Yvette (Essonne) is organizing,
in collaboration with the Friends of Nicolas Tarkhoff association,
a retrospective exhibition of Nicolas Tarkhoff's works
from January 25 to April 7, 2024: The hymn to color.


Exhibition curator: Guy Abot, director of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.


Part of the post-impressionist avant-garde movement, Tarkhoff explores new visual languages and fixes “the life of forms through the richness of their colors” as he said. Driven by an instinctive force, he captures the hectic atmosphere of Parisian life and virtuosoly reproduces its dynamics in the stroke of his brushes. If his art calmed down from 1905 with the representation of family subjects, his palette remained dazzlingly chromatic. In 1911, he settled in Orsay in the Chevreuse Valley to paint as close as possible to nature and depict his family in an environment favorable to more serene creation.

Eighth Brochure Arrêt sur images. Le chat au vase de dahlias, c. 1907 10/04/2023

This eighth brochure, written by Guy Abot and published by the Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff, analyzes an oil on canvas (81 x 65 cm), The cat with a vase of dahlias, produced circa 1907. It is exhibited at the Kattenkabinet (Museum of cat) in Amsterdam with other works by Nicolas Tarkhoff.

The artist architects the composition instinctively. A fictitious line starts from the top left corner of the canvas, goes down along the left edge of the bouquet and the vase and reaches the bottom right corner of the canvas. It separates the painting into two equal zones: imbued with green-yellow on the left and, on the right, with red in its upper part and blue and green in its lower part. Two oblique lines traced by the cat's back and stomach counterbalance this diagonal and support the cat's momentum towards the dahlias. A third oblique line runs along its folded ear and accentuates its confrontation with the flowers. These fictitious lines and the high density of the black of its silhouette make the cat the main actor in a bipartite composition where two distinct spaces interfere: the animal and the plant. Different in their nature, they merge under the artist's brushes in the play of colors of the narrative field.

Nicolas Tarkhoff does not apply black in its pure state. He loads it with manganese, cerulean and cobalt blues and emerald green. He highlights the silhouette of the cat with a deeper yellow on the neck and runs a line of cobalt blue along the chest and the top of the front paw, like an echo of the same color of the arabesques of the vase. A red braid outlines the hind leg and responds to the palette of reds of the petals (vermilion, cadmium, carmine) and purple. The range of reds of the dahlias is enhanced by simultaneous contrast with the range of greens of the foliage (Veronese, emerald, green-yellow, olive). The white tablecloth acts as a nuanced and softened mirror of the surrounding colors. All colors are applied thinly, diluted or rubbed.

Kattenkabinet: Herengracht 497, 1017 BT Amsterdam, Holland.

Exhibition Tarkhoff at the Fine Arts Museum of Álava (Spanish Basque Country). 10/03/2023

Exhibition from January 23 to October 15, 2023.
Palacio Augustin Zulueta
Paseo Fray Francisco, 8 - 01007 Vitoria-Gasteiz


The Museum of Fine Arts in Álava (Spanish Basque Country) presents for the first time the 8 works by Nicolas Tarkhoff from its collection, acquired by donation in 1995 and which until now had only been exhibited separately in thematic exhibitions.
With these colorful paintings, the museum highlights the work of this great artist who took an active part in the Parisian Avant-garde at the beginning of the last century.

El Museo de Bellas Artes de Álava (País Vasco español) presenta por primera vez las 8 obras de Nicolas Tarkhoff de su colección, adquiridas por donación en 1995 y que hasta ahora sólo se habían expuesto de forma separada en exposiciones temáticas.
Con estas coloridas pinturas, el museo destaca la obra de este gran artista que participó activamente en las vanguardias parisinas de principios del siglo pasado.

Arrêt sur images Brochure. Children with a cup of milk. 16/08/2022

The seventh brochure, written by Guy Abot and published by the association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkoff, analyzes an oil on canvas (81 x 65 cm), Children with a cup of milk, representing the artist's children Boris and Jean. It was created in February 1910 by Nicolas Tarkhoff in one of the bedrooms in the apartment-studio located in Place du Maine in Paris where the artist and his family are living.

It is painted with oil directly on the canvas without any primer. As all his works painted in studio, Nicolas Tarkhoff supports his realization on a series of preparatory sketches in pencil or ink and on oil studies, brushed quickly on a cardboard or on a canvas to grantly grasp the instantaneity of light and colors.

He shows in this painting skilful organization of the composition, traced in an instinctive way, by framing the children in a large triangle. In the hierarchy of the elements, Boris, in the foreground, becomes the main actor because of his pink shirt valued by the shades of green of the bedroom wallpaper, his brother's shirt and the bed cover. The colors structure the shapes. The pillow on which Jean is rested restitues the nuances of light in pearly colors. Nicolas Tarkhoff plays all the ranges of complementary colors which reinforce their tones as opposed: reds with greens, yellows with purples, oranges with blues... His touches of colors, characteristics of his plastic language, are written on the canvas like notes of a music score and make the diversity of their sounds in a harmonious whole.

Until January 9, 2022. "Impressionism in Russia: The Dawn of the Avant-Garde". Barberini Museum, Potsdam. 21/11/2021

This exhibition at the Museum Barberini is dedicated to the reception of French painting in Russia. With over eighty works, the show (August 28, 2021 – January 9, 2022) demonstrates the extent of their international visual vocabulary around 1900 and places Russian artists of the period—from Ilia Repin to Kasimir Malevich—in context of Western European modern art.
A second generation of Russian artists in Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century became acquainted with Post-Impressionism and Fauvism, painting styles that experimented with bright, unmixed colors. Landscape painting became the first field of experimentation for artists such as Mikhail Larionov, Natalia Goncharova, and Kazimir Malevich. They considered themselves Impressionists before founding the Russian avant-garde with expressive Rayonism and nonrepresentational Suprematism after 1910.
The exhibition includes over 80 loans from institutions as well as from private collections.
Several paintings by Tarkhoff, from the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), are represented there alongside his master and friend Konstantin Korovin.

November 30, 2021. Sale Marcel-Lenoir and Modern paintings. 11/11/2021

Full sun, 1915-1920.
Oil on cardboard mounted on canvas. 46 x 69.5 cm.
Will be reproduced in the Catalog raisonné of the artist's painted work
in preparation by the Nicolas Tarkhoff committee.

Полное солнце, 1915-1920 гг.
Картон, масло, холст. 46 х 69,5 см.
Будет воспроизведено в Резюме Каталога живописных работ художника
готовится комитетом Николая Тархова.


Brochure Arrêt sur images. Plage... (Beach). 25/05/2021

This sixth brochure, written by Guy Abot and published by the Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff, analyzes an oil on cardboard (51 x 65.5 cm), titled Plage on the back of the canvas.

It was made in 1906 by Nicolas Tarkhoff in Soulac-sur-Mer where the artist and his family were invited to stay by the collector Gabriel Frizeau. This one passionates about literature and art owns works by Marc Chagall, Eugène Carrière, Maurice Denis, André Derain, Paul Gauguin, Charles Lacoste, Aristide Maillol, Pablo Picasso, Odilon Redon, Georges Rouault, Nicolas Tarkhoff and Van Gogh.

During his stay in Soulac-sur-Mer, Nicolas Tarkhoff produced several portraits of Gabriel Frizeau, beach scenes and landscapes.

The paint, lively and colorful, is spread with vigor and speed; the composition is built with a succession of stretched and twirling keys. The characters and the tents in the background, reduced to the minimum of their structural aspect, blend into the decor in an almost abstract way, as if Tarkhoff were striving in the course of his brushes to restore the instantaneity of light and to freeze the action of the actors in the scene. Only the colors animate the shapes. Here, Tarkhoff remains faithful to the plastic language he explored in 1899 in Paris - and in 1897 in Moscow on the advice of his friend Constantin Korovine in the studio he attended before his departure for France - and which he restores in a fiery expressionist writing ...

Dynamic exhibition "Impressionism and Modernism in Russian Art". March 18-July 18, 2021 15/05/2021

Dynamic exhibition "Impressionism and Modernism in Russian Art".
March 18 - July 18, 2021

ARTS CENTER. Volkhonka, 15 Moscow.

The exhibition is devoted to the main modes of development of Russian art at the turn of the 20th century, as well as the decisive role of Art Nouveau and Impressionism in the formation of the Russian avant-garde from 1890 until the early 1940s.

"We want the viewer not only to familiarize themselves with Impressionism in painting, we want each visitor to be able to penetrate the very essence of this phenomenon. The entire exhibition is subject to the principle of constant movement and internal dynamics, "say the organizers.

The hanging of the canvases in the museum space changes throughout the exhibition. “New canvases appear and disappear over time, replace and reappear, but in a completely new place."

The exhibition showcases works by N. Tarkhoff alongside artists such as KA Korovin, IE Repin, BD Grigoriev, NS Goncharova, PP Konchalovsky, RR Falk, KA Veshchilov, NK Roerich, SN Roerich, VI Surikov, MV Nesterov, AP Ryabushkin, AK Bogomazov, LS Bakst, BM Kustodiev, V I. Shukhaev, AE Yakovlev, I. Brodsky, VS Svarog, AV Isupov, OE Braz, NK Kalmakov, S. V Gerasimov, Tamara de Lempitska, FA Malyavin, PV Kuznetsov , AV Shevchenko…


Динамичная выставка «Импрессионизм и модерн в русском искусстве»
18 марта — 18 июля
ЦЕНТР ИСКУССТВ. Москва, Волхонка, 15  

Экспозиция выставки посвящена основным путям развития русского искусства на рубеже веков, а также определяющей роли модерна и импрессионизма в становлении русского авангарда.
марта открылась динамичная выставка «Импрессионизм и модерн в русском искусстве».

мпрессионизм — наблюдение за непостоянством и попытка запечатлеть его на полотне. Мы хотим, чтобы зритель не просто познакомился с импрессионизмом в живописи, мы хотим, чтобы каждый посетитель смог проникнуть в самую суть этого явления.

Вся экспозиция подчинена принципу постоянного движения и внутренней динамики. Как живой организм, композиция полотен и их развеска в пространстве двух залов меняется на протяжении всей выставки. Новые полотна будут возникать и исчезать во времени, сменять друг друга и снова появляться, но уже в совершенно новом месте, а иногда исчезать и вовсе насовсем.

Полотна динамичной выставки расскажут историю русского искусства 1890-х – начала 1940-х годов. В экспозиции будут представлены художники, среди которых – К. А. Коровин, И. Е. Репин, Б. Д. Григорьев, Н. С. Гончарова, П. П. Кончаловский, Р. Р. Фальк, К. А. Вещилов, Н. К. Рерих, С. Н. Рерих, В. И. Суриков, М. В. Нестеров, А. П. Рябушкин, А. К. Богомазов, Л. С. Бакст, Б. М. Кустодиев, В. И. Шухаев, А. Е. Яковлев, Н. А. Тархов, И. И. Бродский, В. С. Сварог, А. В. Исупов, О. Э. Браз, Н. К. Калмаков, С. В. Герасимов, Тамара де Лемпицка, Ф. А. Малявин, П. В. Кузнецов, А. В. Шевченко и многие другие.

June 1st 2021. Sale Russian Art, Millon, Paris. 15/05/2021

Parisian street scene (circa 1900).

Oil on canvas, 60 x 80.5 cm. Former collection of the Galerie Marcel-Lenoir, Paris. Private collection.

This painting was done in Paris, probably at the corner of rue Saint-Denis and boulevard Saint-Denis, at the foot of the eponymous door, from the window of a hotel (located at 293 rue Saint -Denis) from where Tarkhoff painted several scenes describing the door and the bustle of the boulevard with its cabs, horses and passers-by.

These scenes of boulevards at Porte-Saint-Denis were executed between 1901 and 1902. However, the signature, partially covered with “repentances”, is spelled “N. Tarcoff”, which suggests that this painting was made around 1900 , at a time when the artist signed some of his works "Tarckoff" or "Tarchoff".

This painting will be reproduced in the Catalog raisonné of the artist’s painted work in preparation by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

Парижская уличная сцена, около 1900 г.
Холст, масло, подпись в левом нижнем углу «N. Tarkhoff. Paris».
Эта картина была выполнена в Париже, предположительно на углу улицы Сен-Дени и бульвара Сен-Дени, у подножия одноименных ворот, из окна отеля (расположенного на улице Сен-Дени 6), откуда Тархов нарисовал несколько полотен, изображающих дверь и оживление бульвара с его извозчиками, лошадьми и прохожими. Эти сцены на бульварах в Порт-Сен-Дени были выполнены между 1901 и 1902 годами.
Однако, подпись, частично покрытая «исправлениями», подписанная «N. Tarcoff» говорит о том, что эта картина была сделана около 1900 года, в то время, когда художник подписывал некоторые из своих работ «Tarckoff» или «Tarchoff».

March 17, 2021. Sale Modern Art. Piguet Geneva. 17/03/2021

Lake landscape. Circa 1910. Oil on paper mounted on canvas, 65 x 81 cm.
Provenance: former collection of the Petit-Palais Museum, Geneva.
Listed in the Catalog raisonné of painted works in preparation by the Tarkhoff Committee.

March 18th 2021. Sale russian Art, Genoa - Italy. 04/03/2021

Motherhood, circa 1907-1908.
Oil on cardboard mounted on canvas, 80 x 61.5 cm.
Reproduced in the Catalog raisonné of the painted work in preparation.
Maison de Vente Cambi. Castello Mackenzie, Mura di San Bartolomeo 16, 16122 - Genova - Italy.
Olio su cartoncino applicato su tela, cm 80 x 61,5 cm, firmato in alto a destra.

December 1st 2020. Sale Sotheby's London, Russian Pictures. 01/12/2020

Station de cochers.
Oil on board, 96 x 112 cm.
This view of a staging post at the crossroads of rue Vaugirard and Avenue du Maine was painted from the window of the Tarkhoff' apartment in Montparnasse in 1910. In June 1911 the family Tarkhoff left the city and moved to Orsay (Essonne).
The inscriptions of the two different addresses (Seine-et-Oise and Orsay) on the reverse indicate that this work must have been exhibited both before and after the move.

Exibition probably :
- Paris, Galerie Devambez, Peintres et sculpteurs russes de Paris, 3‑17 june 1912, 
Station de cochers (Paris), No 72.
- Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Mir iskusstva, 1912, Station de cochers (1910).

This painting will be included in the Catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre peint currently being prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

Nicolas Tarkhoff conference: October 5, 2020. Hôtel-Dieu Museum, Mantes. 05/09/2020

Dans le cadre de l'exposition "Nicolas TARKHOFF, Impressions d'un peintre russe de Paris à Orsay"
qui se déroule du 19 février au 5 octobre 2020 au musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu de Mantes-la-Jolie

(près de Paris), Guy Abot, directeur du comité Nicolas Tarkhoff et commissaire scientifique de l'exposition,
animera la conférence sur la vie et l'œuvre de ce grand peintre postimpressionniste russe qui,
au début du siècle dernier, a acquis une reconnaissance internationale, puis sombré dans la misère
après Première Guerre mondiale.



Lundi 5 octobre à 18h Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu,
1 rue Thiers, Mantes-la-Jolie (Yvelines).
Gratuit, sur réservation (places limitées): ou 01 34 78 86 60

Nicolas Tarkhoff. Impressions of a Russian painter from Paris to Orsay. Exhibition at the Musée de l'Hôtel-Dieu in Mantes-la-Jolie February 19 to December 7, 2020. 05/08/2020

Exhibition curators: Guy Abot, Director of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee
and Jeanne Paquet, Head of the Heritage and Tourism Department.

Nicolas Tarkhoff's work has not been presented in a retrospective way in France since 1986. Sixty-one works are brought together in this exhibition, not far from those of his contemporary and friend Maximilien Luce, whose largest collection in France is held by the museum. The exhibition explores in a monographic way the two major chronological phases of his career: Paris and Orsay. By following this chronological thread, visitors can discover works from private collections as well as loans from the National Centre for Fine Arts, the Association des amis du Petit Palais of Genève and the Piscine-Musée d'Arts et d'Industrie André Diligent in Roubaix.

The exhibition catalogue (60 pages) is on sale for €18 at the Museum shop.

July 10th 2020. Sale Millon, Hôtel Drouot, Paris. 10/07/2020

Oil on canvas.
H. 107 x L. 82 cm.
Former collection Mrs. Marcel-Lenoir, Paris.

This painting was created around 1920 with the title "Coq" written in French by Tarkhoff.
On the torn label:
"Nicolas Tarkhoff" Coq "Orsay S [eine] et [Oise]".
The frame was reused by the artist to display this rooster, probably for the Salon d'Automne in 1921. An eponymous painting is present under the number 1915, but the lack of dimensions on the catalog does not confirm this assumption.
There is an old torn label, under this label, of an unidentified exhibition (before 1911) on which is written by Tarkhoff: "Chimère Paris". An eponymous painting is exhibited at the Toulouse Artistic Union Salon in 1907 under number 489.
This painting will be included in the Catalog raisonné in preparation by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

Петух (приблизительно 1920).
Масло, холст, подпись внизу справа.
Комитет Николая Тархова удостоверяет подлинность этой работы, которая будет включена in Каталогрезоне.

July 7th 2020. Sale Artcurial, Paris. 03/07/2020

Impressionnist & Modern.
Hôtel Dassault - 7 Rond Point des Champs-Elysées, Paris.
Les vases de dahlias.
Oil on canvas. Circa 1905. 
73 x 60 cm (28,74 x 23,62 in.) 
Former collection Oscar Ghez,
Petit Palais Museum, Geneva.

13 december 2020. Sale ADER, Russian Art, Paris. 13/12/2019

Artichoke flowers in the garden (Orsay), circa 1915-1920. Gouache on paper laminated on canvas, 48 x 63.5 cm.
Part of the sale of Russian Art including 6 watercolors, 3 drawings and 2 oils by Nicolas Tarkhoff.  

Николай Александрович Тархов. Артишоковые цветы в саду (Орсэ). 1915-1920 годы.
Бумага, наклеенная на холст, гуашь. Подпись внизу слева и справа. 48 х 63,5 см.

850 oil paintings by Nicolas Tarkhoff have already been collected 19/07/2019

Researchers from ALANT (Friends of Nicolas Tarkhoff Association) and the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee are continuing to collect the painted works of the artist. 850 oils on canvas, cardboards or papers—whose images are known—have been gathered in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné (to date, in its digital form). Among these, more than a third are unknown or never been published. 

This work, started several years ago, is carried on in order to collect and classify the documents related to this important work scattered throughout the world and to eliminate dubious or apocryphal paintings. It is based on the in-depth knowledge of Tarkhoff's art, acquired through the long experience of members from the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee whose quality of expertise is recognized by auction houses and collectors. This work was initiated with the aim of getting the public acquainted with the artist's paintings and establishing a chronology that shows the diversity of his pictorial writing, the evolution of his talent and the subjects he enjoys.

The visit of private collections, archives and museums along with the reproduction of the artist's works in various publications and catalogs of sales are essential guides to bring this work to completion.

This catalogue raisonné will present the oil paintings according to a double classification, thematic and chronological. It will be bilingual (French-English).

We are grateful to collectors, institutions, museums (in France and abroad) and auction houses which have enabled us to gather this first phase of documentation.

Many paintings remain to be discovered (several hundred?); this is the reason why we invite the owners of the painter's works to come forward so that the we may include these works in the forthcoming Catalog raisonné of the painted work.

Booklet Arrêt sur images. Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent). 03/07/2019

This fifth document, written by Guy Abot and published by the Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff, analyzes an oil on canvas, titled Mi-Carême and numbered 4 on the back of the canvas. It is realized circa 1901 by Nicolas Tarkhoff.

The artist stands at the window of a building on a Parisian boulevard. He paints directly on the canvas that serves as a shade for buildings. "These and the trees that compose the decor, retain their figurative, identifiable, while the crowd, horses and “chars“ move in vibrant spots, accentuating the opposition of static and kinetic. The bright shades, applied in fluid touchs, become as loud as a score of music. In a total lyrical abstraction, the colors dance, run, jump and intertwine on the canvas, punctuated by the energetic movement of his hand. No shape or volume is delimited by the line of the drawing; the structure is suggested by the more or less long or more or less pasted touchs whose optical fusion, combined with the interaction of contrasts, creates for the eye a brilliant shimmer. "

The painting, presumably presented at the Salon des Independants in Paris in 1901, was exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1967 during the exhibition "The beginning of the century to the Independents, 1902-1905". Titled on the catalog: Un coin sur les Grands Boulevards, le jour de la Mi-Carême (A corner on the Big Boulevards, the day of the Mid-Lent), n ° 98.

March 20th 2019. Sale Arcurial Paris. 16/03/2019

Sale "20th century art, 1900-1950".
Bord de la Seine (titled on the back by the artist).
Oil on cardboard, 418,5 x 24,02 in.
An eponymous painting was exhibited at the Salon des Independants in 1907 (No. 4700) in Paris,
at the Druet Gallery in 1909 (No. 43) and in December 1910 in St. Petersburg during the great retrospective devoted to the work of Tarkhoff by the Revue Apollon
(93 paintings lent by collectors and the French State).

December 20th 2018. Sale Piguet, Geneva. 12/12/2018

December sale: Piguet Auction House, Geneva.
Nuages de printemps (Spring clouds).
Oil on canvas, 46 x 55,5 cm. Circa 1905.
Exhibition : Galerie Vollard, 20 rue Royale Paris,
May 1906, N° 33. 

Sale MacDougall's London. Important sale of Russian Art. 28/11/2018

Five paintings: 
Portrait du fils de l'artiste (Portrait of the son of the artist: Jean,in the artist's garden in Orsay. 
Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm,  c. 1916-1918. Former collection Boris Tarkhoff.
- Mon jardin à Orsay (My garden in Orsay). Oil on canvas, 193 x 112 cm, c. 1912.
Exhibition : Vystavka kartin “Mir iskusstva”, Moscow, 13 november-18 december 1912.
Literature : Exhibition catalog “Mir iskusstva”, Moscow, 1912. V. Bialik, Nikolai Tarkhov, Moscow, 2006. 
G. Romanov, Mir iskusstva, 1898-1927, Saint-Petersbourg-Moscow, 2010.
- Coq en courroux (Rooster in anger). Tempera and gouache on paper on mounted canvas,
51,5 x 63,5 cm, c. 1915. Former collection Oscar Ghez, Petit-Palais, Geneva.
Exhibition : Nikolai Tarkhov, National Galery Tretyakov, Moscow, 2 April-11 May 2003.
Literature : Exhibition catalog, Nikolai Tarkhov, Moscow, 2003. G. Abot, Arrêt sur images, Coq gaulois 1914, 2016.
- Péniches sur la Seine (Barges on the Seine), Austerlitz Dock. Oil on canvas, 60 x 90 cm, c. 1904-1905.
- Porte Saint-Denis, boulevard Bonne Nouvelle. Oil on canvas, 70 x 50 cm, c. 1901-1903.
All the paintings will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre peint.

Nijni Novgorod. Exhibition of Russian Impressionnists works. 09/11/2018

Exhibition of Russian Impressionists works "Movement to the light“.

The exhibition, from 29 September to 18 November at the National Art Museum of Nizhny Novgorod,presents about 80 works from the late 19th century and early 20th century.
They come from the Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum and five other Russian museums.

The exhibition includes works by Konstantin Korovin, Igor Grabar, Sergey Vinogradov, Stanislav Zhukovsky, Leonard Turzhansky, Konstantin Yuon, and the greatest masters of national art who have turned to Impressionism at certain stage of their work: Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Boris Krishna and others.

The exhibition compares the French impressionists (Renoir, Paul Signac or Camille Pissarro) and the Russian ones (Serov, Tarkhov or Repin). The works are accompanied by quotes from artists.

Выставка произведений русских импрессионистов «Движение к свету».
С 29 сентября по 18 ноября в Нижегородском художественном музее — выставка произведений русских импрессионистов «Движение к свету». На выставке представлено около 80 работ конца XIX-начала XX века из собраний Третьяковской галереи, Русского музея и еще пяти российских музеев.
Нижегородцы увидят произведения Константина Коровина, Игоря Грабаря, Сергея Виноградова, Станислава Жуковского, Леонарда Туржанского, Константина Юона, а также крупнейших мастеров отечественного искусства, обращавшихся к импрессионизму на определенном этапе своего творчества — Ильи Репина, Валентина Серова, Бориса Кустодиева, Виктора Борисова-Мусатова, Мария Башкирцева, Константин Горбатов, Михаил Демьянов, Николай Мещерин, Николай Тархов, Михаил Шемякин и др. 
Кроме основных залов, заполненных работами выдающихся художников, выставка охватывает длинный коридор между ними. Администрация музея сделал интересный ход и сопоставила французских и русских импрессионистов.  На лайтбоксах представлена параллель в искусстве двух эпох. Ренуар, Поль Синьяк, Камиль Писсаро против Серова, Тархова и Репина. Картины сопровождаются цитатами художников.

Placement of a commemorative plaque on the tomb of Nicolas Tarkhoff 02/11/2018

On November 1, 2018, a delegation from the Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff (Nicolas Tharkhoff's friends) went to the Orsay cemetery (Essonne department, France) to place a commemorative plaque on the stele of the tomb of Nicolas Tarkhoff and his wife Jeanne-Yvonne Deltreil. 
After cleaning the tomb, the delegation placed bouquets of chrysanthemums on it, flowers that the artist often painted.
In spring 2019, the association will proceed with a rejuvenation of the tombstone.

June 2018. Booklet Arrêt sur images. Saint-Denis Door. 10/10/2018

This fourth document, published by the Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff (Nicolas Tarkhoff's Friends), highlights two oils on canvas, made in 1903, by Nicolas Tarkhoff. From the window of the hotel room that he rents 6 Saint-Denis street, the artist performs these two paintings representing the famous monument. 1

With a boldness composition, Tarkhoff uses a plunging view that accentuates the dynamism of vehicles and bystanders. By skillful geometry, he builds a set of lines that form a triangle at the foot of the arc. A serie of diagonals is projected towards the center of the composition from the rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, through the gap of the arch and, from the right of the painting, from the boulevard Saint-Denis.

The first studied painting is preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts Victor and Apollinaire Vasnetsov of Viatka in Kirov (Russia) and comes from the former collection of Vladimir Osipovich Hirschmann (Giršman), industrialist and collector. The second, 100 x 70 cm, has entered a special collection; it was presented at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1967 during the exhibition "The beginning of the century to the Independents, 1902-1905".


1. L’arc de triomphe a été élevé en 1672 à la demande des prévôts des marchands et des échevins de Paris pour célébrer les victoires militaires de Louis XIV dans les Flandres et la Franche-Comté. 

June 22, 2018. Sale Magnin-Wedry, Hôtel Drouot-Paris. 22/06/2018

Coq au printemps (Rooster in spring).
Oil on canvas, titled on the back by the artist, 80.5 x 100 cm, circa 1919.
The landscape in the background is the countryside of Orsay. An eponymous painting is exhibited at the Salon des Independants in Paris in 1920.

In 1914 begins the First World War. Millions of men are going to kill each other, crushed in the hell of a modern war. During the weeks following the beginning of the conflict, Tarkhoff, in his house in Orsay, made the variants of a rooster standing on its spurs, who stood firmly on the flagstaff of the French flag. He also paints fighting roosters and, more peacefully, singing roosters. These roosters are those of his barnyard. He loves them for their beauty and their colors, for their proud character too. He trains them to remain motionless during the pose sessions and makes them singing by imitating their cry.

This painting will be included in the Catalog raisonné in preparation by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

June 8 2018. Sale Pescheteau-Badin, Paris. 02/06/2018

Sunny beach.
Oil on cardboard, signed lower right. 54 x 64 cm.
Exhibition: June 14th - 26th, 1909. Druet Gallery, 20 rue Royale, Paris. No. 61.

This painting will be referenced in the Catalog raisonné of the painted work
in preparation by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

May 29 2018. Sale Ader Paris. 29/05/2018

Russian Art. Mrs. Tarkhoff bedridden and her baby, circa 1905.
Oil on canvas. 59 x 81 cm.
Provenance: former collection Oscar Ghez, Petit-Palais Museum of Geneva (Switzerland).
Bibliography: Gaston Diehl, Nicolas Tarkhoff, Petit-Palais Edition, Geneva, 1982.
This painting will be included in the Catalog raisonné of the painted work in preparation by the Committee Nicolas Tarkhoff.

Жена художника в лиловой накидке с сыном Жаном. 1905
Холст, масло. Подпись внизу слева. 59 х 81 см
Провенанс : коллекция Оскара Геза. Музей современного искусства «Пти-Пале», Женева.
Библиография : Гастон Дил, Николай Тархов, Издание Пти-Пале, Женева 1982.
Комитет имени Николая Тархова подтверждает подлинность этой картины. Она будет включена в «Научный каталог произведений», который готовится к изданию комитетом Николая Тархова.

May 23, 2018. Sale Ansorena, Madrid. 23/05/2018

La Seine à Paris. 
Oil on cardboard, 46 x 60 cm. c. 1903.
Barges on the Seine, in the background the Tolbiac Bridge.

March 6, 2018. Sale Dogny Auction, Lausanne (Swiss). 06/03/2018

Spring Sale:
Dogny auction, Space Montelly, chemin de Montelly 2, Lausanne (Suisse).
Lots 249 to 251:
- Cat purring on a cushion. Oil/wood, 33 x 24 cm.
Former Oscar ghez collection (Petit Palais Museum, Geneva).
- Two small sizes painted on wood panel:
Balloons and carousel, circa 1903. Oil/wood, 19.5 x 13.5 cm.
These three works are listed in the Catalogue raisonné of the work painted 
in prepration by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

15 December 2017. Sale Schuler Auktionen AG . 15/12/2017

Paintings and Contemporary Art. 3 paintings et 2 gouaches. Seestrasse 341, 8038 Zürich. 
- Plage animée à Soulac, Ca. 1906-1908. Oil on canvas, 50 x 65 cm. Öl/Leinwand. 
- Paysage avec arbres fleuris et soleil. Ca. 1920. Oil/cardboard/canvas, 65,6 x 19,5 cm. Öl/Karton/Leinwand. 
Paysage avec arbres ensoleillés. Ca. 1906/08. Oil/cardboard/canvas, 54,5 x 84,5 cm. Öl/Karton/Leinwand.
Paysage au soleil levant. Ca.1920. Gouache, 46 x 61 cm.
Tournesols. Ca. 1920. Gouache, 38,5 x 51,5 cm.

2 December 2017: sale Christie's London, Pear tree. 02/12/2017

Important russian Art: oil on board, 120 x 80 cm,
signed lower right; further signed, inscribed with title on the reverse.

This work will be included in the forthcoming Nicolas Tarkhoff Catalogue raisonné 
being prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff committee.

Николай Тархов: Грушевое дерево. Важный русский Арт. 
Масло на борту, 120 х 80 см. Christie's, 2 декабря 2017 года.

Bulletin de la Société Historique & Archéologique du XVe Arrondissement de Paris 30/07/2017

(Bulletin of the Historical & Archeological Society of the XVth Arrondissement of Paris)
Vaugirard - Grenelle. Spring 2017, N° 49. (Pages 51-69).
Dimitri Vicheney : Le peintre Nicolas Tarkhoff (1871-1930),
un exilé d'avant le grand exode russe
Serge Roques : Destin tragique.
Guy Abot : De la gloire internationale à l'oubli.

1911, Marc Chagall visits his friend Tarkhoff. 26/06/2017

"In Tarkhov’s dining room".
Marc Chagall.
Pencils, ink and gouache on paper, 13.3 x 20.6 cm. 1911.
Pompidou Center, Paris.

"В столовой у Тархова."
Марк Шагал. 
Бумага, карандаш, чернила, гуашь, 13,3 x 20,6 см. 1911 г.
Центр Помпиду, Париж.


In 1911, Marc Chagall visited Nicolas Tarkhoff and drew the family members. Two sketches (1), stored in the Centre Pompidou in Paris, illustrate the bond of friendship that Chagall and Tarkhoff maintained before the First World War.
These two moving drawings by Chagall, signed, dated 1911 and titled in Cyrillic cursive script by the artist, come from a private collection. They were acquired by payment in kind in 1988 by the Centre Pompidou and are now kept in the storehouse of its Cabinet of Graphic Art.
"In Tarkhov's dining room": Chagall, who is standing at the end of the dining room in all likelihood, reproduces the decor of the room. With a cursive gestures, he makes a first draft in black pencil. The table, originally located at the center of the sheet, finds its place a few millimeters higher. The same holds true for other furniture elements which eventually freeze under the violet ink.
The room is soberly furnished: a dresser in the background, a chair on the side, a fireplace where a fire is burning on the left, a flower-shaped sofa on the right. On the round table with three feet and covered with a red tablecloth, a bowl of fruits and two cups of coffee. The floor is covered with large red tiles, probably in terracotta. The only decoration are two framed paintings hanging on the wall above the dresser—a still-life is visible on the one—, another one without frame, depicting a character, is hanged at the left of the sofa. Photographs or small paintings are placed on the fireplace mantel shelf; we distinguish a mother and child painting and some portraits. Mrs. Tarkhoff is wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt. She is sitting on a stool and is warming up near the fire; perhaps is she falling asleep. Tarkhoff, wearing his inseparable hat, an elbow on the table and his head resting in his right hand, seems pensive, unless he is dozing. Boris, his youngest son, is sitting to his right, while the eldest, Jean, has fallen asleep on the sofa. Here, Chagall interprets a scene in which the actors surrender to melancholy, reverie or sleep.


(1)  Invited to Tarkhov's. Marc Chagall. Pencils, ink and gouache on paper, 13,3 x 20,6 cm. 1911.
In Tarkhov’s dining room. Marc Chagall. Pencils, ink and gouache on paper, 13,3 x 20,6 cm. 1911.

31 May 2017. Sale Shapiro Auctions New York. Storm in the Countryside. 17/05/2017

Russian Pictures: La campagne sous l'orage. (Storm in the Countryside). Oil on paperboard laid on canvas, 46.2 x 61 cm (18 1/4 x 24 in.), signed lower left. 
This painting is to be compared to several paintings of landscapes executed by Nicolas Tarkhoff in the village of Orsay in the Chevreuse Valley (south of Paris), where the artist finally settled with his family in June 1911.
Former Oscar Ghez collection (Director of the Petit Palais Museum of Geneva). 
This work will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue raisonné of he artist’s paintings prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.
(Photograph courtesy of Shapiro auctions).

4 June 2016: Museo Ralli. Exhibition Women's Portraits. 04/07/2016

Ralli Museum, Marbella (Spain). 
Exhibition Women's Portraits (Retratos de mujer). 4 June 2016 - 27 May 2017.

A new exhibition, “Women’s Portraits”, shows a selection of works by European artists. Classic and modern works that try to discover ways in which artists have approached the female form throughout the ages, including works by Andre Derain, Marie Laurencin, Jacques Villon, Louis Latapie, Nicolas Tarkhoff...

Una nueva exposición temporal, titulada “Retratos de Mujer”, obras seleccionadas de artistas europeos en torno a la representación femenina. Obras de estilo clásico y vanguardista componen la muestra que trata de descubrir distintas formas en las que los artistas se han acercado a las representaciones femeninas a lo largo de los siglos. Entre los que encontraremos a André Derain, Marie Laurencin, Jacques Villon, Louis Latapie y Nicolás Tarkhoff...
​(Photo Museo Ralli).

7 June 2016: sale Sotheby's Londres : Balançoires la nuit (The Funfair at night) 07/06/2016

Russian Pictures : Balançoires la nuit (The Funfair at night). Oil on canvas signed in Latin; further titled on the reverse. 64.5 by 48.5cm, 25 1/2 by 19in. Realized circa 1901-1903, this work was exhibited at the Ambroise Vollard Gallery in Paris, in May 1906 (number 31). This personal exhibition, where Tarkhoff presented 72 paintings, known a great success.
This work will be included in the forthcoming Nicolas Tarkhoff Catalogue raisonné being prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff committee. (Photograph courtesy of Sotheby's).

4 December 2015: sale Koller Zürich (Swiss): Une fête nocturne. 04/12/2015

Impressionismus & Klassische Moderne (Impressionnist and Modern Art): 
Une fête nocturne, oil on canvas, circa 1902-1904. 81 x 65 cm.
This work will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue raisonné of the artist being prepared by The Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee. 
A Night Party, c. 1902-1904. Öl auf Leinwand. Die Authentizität dieses Werkes wurde von Guy Abot, Direktor des Comité Nicolas Tarkhoff. Das Werk wird in das Werkverzeichnis aufgenommen, das derzeit in Vorbereitung ist.

2 December 2015: Sale MacDougall's London: Portrait of the Artist's Sons 02/12/2015

Russian works of Art: Portrait of the Artist's Sons. Oil on canvas, 84,5 x 74,5 cm. C. 1908. Jean and Boris, the artist' sons, painted in the apartment-studio on rue Belloni, Paris.
This painting will be included in the forthcoming catalogue raisonné of the artist.
(Courtesy of MacDougall Arts Ltd.)

01 December 2015. Sale Sotheby's London: "Still life with fruits and flowers". 01/12/2015

Russian Pictures. Still life with fruits and flowers.
Oil on board. 83 x 61 cm.
Former collection Mrs Marcel-Lenoir, Paris.
This work will be included in the forthcoming Nicolas Tarkhoff Catalogue raisonné being prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.
(Courtesy of Sotheby's).

10 October 2015, 15.00. Conference « Une vie, une œuvre et une passion de peintre » 10/10/2015

Archives départementales de l'Essonne, Chamarande.
Conference and pictures with two voices,
Brigitte Adde et Guy Abot
(Association Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff).

De Moscou où il naît, à Paris où il s’installe en 1899, attiré par les Impressionnistes, jusqu’à Orsay, modeste village de Seine-et-Oise où il choisit de vivre de 1911 à  sa mort en 1930 – le temps du bonheur familial, puis des temps difficiles –,  Nicolas Tarkhoff trace avec courage et ténacité son chemin d’artiste passionné. Proche des Fauves, il est salué par Apollinaire. 

24 June 2015: Sale Tajan. Paris. "Poppies". 24/06/2015

Impressionnist and Modern Art: Poppies.
Oil on cardboard, pasted on canvas, signed lower right, 79 x 47 cm.
This work will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue raisonné of the artist being prepared by The Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee.

3 June 2015: Sale MacDougall's London. Chambre de Maman, le matin 03/06/2015

Russian Art Auction: Chambre de maman le matin, signed, also further signed, inscribed "Orsay" and titled on the reverse. Oil on canvas, 100 by 140 cm. Executed in 1909. 
Provenance: Collection of Mrs Tarkhoff, the artist’s wife. Thence by descent. 
Private collection, UK. Exhibited: Tarkhov Nikolai Aleksandrovich. Vystavka proizvedenii, Editorial office of the magazine ”Apollon”, St Petersburg, December 1910. 
The present lot will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue raisonné of the artist being prepared by the Nicolas Tarkhoff committee. (Photo MacDougall's).

ТАРХОВЪ: Курникова Галерея. 19/02/2015

19 february - 26 April 2015 : Kournikova Gallery (Курникова Галерея), Moscow.
Exhibition of 41 paintings.

Le Comité Nicolas Tarkhoff,
invite les possesseurs d’œuvres 
du peintre – ou de tout document le concernant – à se faire connaître, afin d’inclure ces œuvres dans 
le Catalogue raisonné qu’il prépare.


Комитет им. Николая Александровича Тархова
просит владетелей картинами Тархова
– или каким-либо его касающим документом –
связаться с нами для того,
чтобы их включить в каталог-резоне. который мы готовим.
Комитет им. Николая Тархова может также предoставлять
удостоверения о подлинности предъявленных ему картин.


Свяжитесь с Комитетом.
Contactez le comité.


Opening of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Exhibition at the Château du val Fleury in gif-sur-Yvette 25/01_2024.
Nicolas TARKHOFF exhibition: Château du val Fleury, Gif-sur-Yvette : January 25 to April 7, 2024
Eighth Brochure Arrêt sur images. Le chat au vase de dahlias, c. 1907