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The Association

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The Association “Les Amis de Nicolas Tarkhoff”  (The Friends of Nicolas Tarkhoff) was created on 5 November 2014 at the initiative of members of the artist’s family, researchers, historians, experts and enthusiasts of his work. It strives to promote the work of the painter in France and abroad, and defends its quality and name. 

It also constitutes archives and indexes all of the artist’s production (paintings, works on paper...) as well as all physical and digital documents concerning his life (articles, catalogs, photographs, writings, etc.). 


It supports any project to enhance the renown and dissemination of his work, both in France and abroad. It is preparing a Catalogue raisonné of the painted work of Nicolas Tarkhoff under the control of the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee – an authentication commission of the Association, composed of specialists. In this context, it invites owners of the painter’s works to make themselves known, so as to be included in the Catalogue raisonné.


President :

Claudine ROUSSEAU-GUY, granddaughter of the painter


Brigitte FAURE-ADDE and Emmanuelle ROQUES, great-granddaughter of the painter


Eva ROQUES, great-granddaughter of the painter

Assistant treasurer:

Renaud GUY-ROUSSEAU, great-grandson of the painter


Patrice GUY

Assistant secretary:

Natacha COINDEAUX, great-granddaughter of the painter

Président of  the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee

Serge ROQUES, grandson of the painter

Director of  the Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee:

Guy ABOT, Art historian

The Nicolas Tarkhoff Committee
invites every owner
of the painter’s works
– or of any document which may concern him –
to come forward so that the committee may include these works
in the upcoming Catalogue raisonné.


Комитет им. Николая Александровича Тархова
просит владетелей картинами Тархова
– или каким-либо его касающим документом –
связаться с нами для того,
чтобы их включить в каталог-резоне.
который мы готовим.
Комитет им. Николая Тархова может также предoставлять
удостоверения о подлинности предъявленных ему картин.


Свяжитесь с Комитетом.
Please, contact the Committee.


797 oil paintings by Nicolas Tarkhoff have already been collected
Booklet Arrêt sur images. Mi-Carême (Mid-Lent).
March 20th 2019. Sale Arcurial Paris.